About Company



“NT Progress” Ltd. is a modern high-tech company with the large-scale developments in different business areas, advanced infrastructure and a wide range of different services. The company is a part of NetCroft Associates Group which provides innovative solutions for business in Europe and Russia.

We develop the best technical instruments and solutions for effective operations. In the first half of 2016 we implemented several successful projects, that allowed to simplify Forex trading process. Our clients are the priority of NTProgress ltd.



Our team specializes in the development of FinTech solutions, including the creation of FX software. Company specialized in market risk management, analytics tools for effective algorithms and systems. A lot of factors- mathematic analyze, adapted topology systems, factual servers location in data centers, allow us to provide more favorable terms for finance market trading.

Nowadays lead-experts in algo-Trading work in your company

  • engineers
  • mathematics
  • analysts
  • tech support specialists

Our company presented trading NTPro Platform in 2015. Today it is actively used by forex market participants.

Due to a deep understanding of the market, we ensure the development of high-quality software for finance market participants.

Reduce your costs

We reduce your costs due to automation and algorithmization of different processes.

Terminal velocity

Our velocity solutions outperform the analogues – the main factor of fx platform.


Our products are being tested and certified before official production.


Individual solution for the users’ needs.

company philosophy

Corporate philosophy

NTProgress – is a modern IT company that develops products for finance market. We create the best technology solutions and instruments for effective work.

Our main purpose is to satisfy all clients` needs and wishes, regardless of the preferences. Our customers receive reliable products and services with 24/5 support. The experienced team of professional managers does its best to turn financial market operations into a stable and profitable business.