Work with us

Below you can find points that describe the work in our company. We will be glad to receive any questions from you at or at the interview.

We have several C ++ teams, web developers, mobile developers, admins, tech support and managers.

We work in small teams of up to six people, each team has a lead.

The company has a flat organizational structure, we are for open communication between all employees.

Regardless of your position, you will have the opportunity to take part in different tasks – from architecture and strategic decisions to specific implementation.

Each new employee is assigned a mentor who helps with training and integration into the company.

The probationary period lasts three months, during which you need to complete training about our system and pass an internal exam.

We strive to ensure that all employees have a good knowledge of our trading system from both a business and a technical point of view.

We are constantly developing the system, company and processes.

We process all tasks in Jira, use Scrum and Kanban processes.

We use Google Workspace and Slack to store documents and correspondence.

We maintain internal guides that describe our processes.

We often work in teams and in pairs, so we use a single environment, the same IDE, OS, etc.

We have 60 employees with an average age of 30.

We work according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, white wages, bonuses, VHI with dentistry and a policy for traveling abroad.

Comfortable office with 24/7 access.

Coffee, tea, fresh fruit, regular corporate events.


We share the values of Agile and XP approaches. We work as a team on all tasks.

From the XP approach, we actively use pair programming, collective code ownership, test-driven development, coding standards, CI/CD.

Each week, all teams hold meetings to review the backlog and detailed assessment of tasks.

After each sprint, we make retrospectives and an internal demo.

We have daily stand-up meetings for all teams.

We create unit, automated and load tests.

We write technical documentation for the system and analytics for new tasks.

Our teams are feature teams that handle tasks from requirements generation to testing and implementation.

We expect cross-functionality from teams and employees.

Development is carried out according to Scrum, sprints last for 3 weeks, once a month we make a release.

In the week before the release, our whole team conducts comprehensive testing and stabilization.

We use Bitbucket to store the code, while developing we create a feature branch.

Any code undergoes a code review before entering production.

We try not to accumulate technical debt but spend time on technical development of the system.

Developers are the third line of support.


System administrators are not divided into roles and are involved in all tasks – equipment, network, interaction with developers, DevOps, office.

The platform is hosted on its own infrastructure, which requires constant development. Now our equipment is located in four different data centers in Russia and Europe.

We try to use cluster and fault-tolerant solutions where possible.

The server infrastructure is built on the basis of Arch Linux, most of the developers use Linux, but we have to deal with Windows and Mac OS, for these systems we release our Desktop application.

Technical support

We monitor how our system functions around the clock and help our clients use it.

We communicate with clients in Russian and English.

Technical support engineers solve not only questions that arise for users, but also configure the system, investigate the causes of incidents and automate the support process.

Support is engaged in testing and acceptance of tasks, writing business documentation.


Together with developers, designers make product design for all platform interfaces – desktop, web, mobile.

Together with managers, they create presentations, videos, printed and other marketing materials.


The management team creates a convenient and efficient infrastructure for the successful development and promotion of the system.

Today the management team includes a general director, a lawyer, accountants, a financier, and sales.

To promote the system, we take part in international exhibitions, forums, conferences.

We interact on an ongoing basis with current and potential customers for joint product development.