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E-platform – is a unique complex product with the modular system

Back-Office module Mobile app iOS, Android Forwards and Money Market Algo-trading module, Strategies designer Aggregation and distribution module Analysts and statistics Management module Connection module to the platform GUI, FIX CORE

Connection module to the platform GUI, FIX

Clients are connected to the Platform via GUI and FIX protocols. Liquidity Providers are connected via X-Connect

Back-Office module

Development of a full-fledged back office, allowing you to manage your business

Mobile app IOS, Android

Development of NTPRO mobile app, which will allow to carry out operations on the financial market. In the process

Forwards and Money Market

In the process

Management module

Control and management of the system, settings of the quartering and execution, liquidity sources, control of limits

Analysts and statistics

Transaction and customer statistics, toxic consumers analytics, graphics this information

Aggregation and distribution module

The ability to to compile liquidity flows and transfer them to your clients

Algo-trading module, Strategies designer

The ability to switch on your strategies and algorithms