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NTPro Customer Benefits:

  • best order execution
  • free of charge development of new features
  • individual tariffs
  • ready-to-use product: software + network infrastructure
  • technical support 24/5
  • deep analytics and statistic tools

User Interface:

Principal – is a user with the ability to customise price streams and execution for his customers

Client – is a user who receives an aggregated price stream configured by the Principal

1 Types of trading orders: Market, Limit, Market Limit; Stop Loss
2 Full Amount execution
3 Lock for indicative mode
4 Option to trade in one or two clicks
5 Client’s login
6 Customisable trade areas
7 Range of volumes for fast entry
8 Terms of conditions for each instrument
9 Slippage in a Market Limit order
10 The format of order execution is average price for volume
11 Notifications
12 Input, edit and cancel order